Cut the Cable (or Dish) and Save $$

  W19-PE-Cut the Cable (or Ditch the Dish) and Save
  6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  Glastonbury High:Room C105
  Donald Dickey

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Tired of paying more each year, month after month, for cable or satellite television? Do you get hundreds of channels but have nothing to watch? Take this class to learn how to get digital television, even HD for free. Yes, it is completely legal. In our area you can receive over 30 channels of over-the-air television. Learn about "stealth antennas" and how to make one for under $10. You will also learn about some great channels you might be missing on cable (or a dish) like Create and World along with what channels you will lose if you cut the cord. We will also cover options to replace pay-per-view and the "triple-play" with better and more cost-effective choices. You could save enough to buy a new HDTV in just a few months.